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Synapius R&D Lab

Patient 3 was 73 years old. She was hospitalized and scheduled for amputation of the lower leg  because of the pre gangrenous status of her right foot. Lumbar aortography showed severe stenosis and arteriosclerotic changes. According to the surgical findings a reconstructive vascular operation was impossible. Chemical lumbar sympathectomy was performed. The effect was poor. The ECG showed an atrial fibrillation. X-rays of the chest showed a cardiomegalia. There existed a tendency towards decompensation of the heart which was treated with cardiotonics and diuretics. She had three chronic ulcers on her right foot.

This patient was treated four times. Her atrial fibrillation made it very complicated to synchronize the container pressure fluctuations and proper adjustment of the control unit. Nevertheless the ischeamic pain ceased and the perfusion improved, also indicated by a marked rise in temperature of the leg being treated. She also showed a marked decrease in temperature of the untreated leg. A slight decrease of her atrial fibrillation was observed after treatment. About 6 months after the last treatment the chronic ulcers were healed and the patient recovered to an acceptable level. Amputation was not necessary anymore.

PCC Treatment of vascular diseases